Are you worried about your little ones bumping their heads on the hard floor when they start to explore their surroundings?
Do you need a safe place to keep them in while you get the door, take a loo break, or make a cup of tea?
Would you prefer a more stylish playpen for your home than the typical, brightly-coloured plastic ones?
We have a solution for you. We are excited to introduce the extremely versatile Foldaway Bumpermat to the UK market for the first time!
This super comfortable playmat can be zipped up to form a spacious playpen, creating a bump-free environment for babies to play. Suitable for all ages and perfect for developmental milestones from tummy time, rolling, crawling, to those nerve-wracking moments of learning to sit up, stand and taking their first steps.
Each side of the playpen can be opened individually to create a flexible space for the whole family to have fun - try parent and baby yoga.
You can use the playmat in so many different ways: a ball pool for toddlers, a comfortable travel cot or sleepover mattress for both little and big visitors, etc. We love throwing all the toys in there to get our pre-baby home back in the evenings. The possibilities are endless. 
It is free from harmful chemicals, durable, and easy to clean (just wipe). It comes in lovely pastel colours - a perfect addition to any family that has had enough of primary-coloured baby stuff.
Won Finalist for Innovation of the Year of the prestigious MadeForMums Award 2017.